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Flow-3D is a free surface capable three dimensional fluid dynamics solver. In the 1980s, Flow-3D was the first code capable of modeling surface tension effects. While modeling surface tension remains problematic, Flow-3D remains the leader in the industry for modeling low gravity fluid dynamics and slosh in propellant tanks. PMD Technology uses Flow-3D to provide customers great visualizations.


Fieldview is a CFD post processor which makes Flow-3D simulations look as good as they do on this page.

Surface Evolver

Surface Evolver is a minimal surface code originally designed for visualization of topography in mathematics. Evolver can accurately model the static liquid surface when exposed to constraints such as the tank shell and PMD and when exposed to an acceleration field. It has proven to be an invaluable tool for static surface visualization in three dimensions and also for liquid center of mass determination.

  • Compilations
  • Ground Operations
  • Spinning Launch
  • Orbital Operations
  • CG Analysis


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Longitudinal Vibe 1

Longitudinal Vibe 2

Braking 1

Lateral Vibe

Upright Vibe 1


Spin Up 1

AKM Ignition 1

AKM Shutdown 1

Spin Down 1

Spin Down 2

AKM Ignition 2

AKM Shutdown 2

AKM Spindown 2

Transition to Flat Spin 1




Priming 1

Priming 2

Priming 3

Settling 1

Settling 2

Settling 3

Settling 4

Settling 5

Settling 6

Lateral 1

Lateral 2

Lateral 3

Lateral 4

Depletion 1

Depletion 2


CG Transient 1

CG Transient 2

CG Transient 3

Static Surface 1

CG Transient 4

Static Surface 1

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